One of the first really big systems I heard on day one was in the Tidal/Argento/Hartvig room… this was the best-sounding system I heard using a large conventional speaker system. Looking at the lineup, you’d be forgiven for concluding that it darn well should be, but you’ve still got to make it work. From the top, the system consisted of a Hartvig TT Signature turntable, the Tidal Preos three-box line stage, phono stage and DAC and a pair of Tidal Impulse LPX dual-mono amplifiers… Cabling was all Argento’s flagship Flow Master Reference.

… The times they are a-changin’, and the High End show is no longer the oasis of analog insanity it once was. Whereas tonearms used to be measured in feet rather than inches and record players took on a nearly baroque style and complexity, things are now almost sensible — or as sensible as playing records ever gets. Take the Hartvig TT Signature turntable as a case in point. If ever a product had “I did it the way I wanted it” stamped all over it, then this is it.

… The whole 26kg (57-pound) plinth system is amazingly compact, and with a wide range of finishes, rather elegant if you like the currently fashionable, slightly blocky styling of modern Scandinavian products.

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