Hartvig TT Evolution

Hartvig Audio’s high end master gramophone is built with a passion for hi-fi and a dream of bringing recorded music alive in your own living room. The turntable is a handcrafted quality product with longevity, and it is timeless and pure styled in its design. The TT Evolution ensures an incredible reproduction of sound and distinguishes itself from the digital media, as the analog sound is both smooth and reproduces the music down to the last detail. To optimize the sound even further, the TT Evolution comes with a redeveloped battery supply. Playing by means of a battery perfects the reproduction of the sound of the instruments and the vocal and creates a pitch-black background.  Together the TT Evolution and the enclosed Battery Supply ensure the first quality sound and raise the analog medium to yet another level.  This turntable brings recorded music alive – it is pure sound with soul.


Width:  65 cm

Depth: 50 cm

Height: 32 cm

Platter weight: 75 kg

Total weight: 110 kg (without motor)

Motor: 8 kg

Base: composite material

Platter: copper, aluminum  and stainless steel

Bearing: hardened steel shaft with special coating. Precision honed bronze (best quality) shell.

Motor: brushless electronically regulated DC-charged motor

Feet: three-point with adjustable legs with special absorption for perfect adjustment

Armboard: copper with an eccentric adjustable aluminium base


Battery Supply

Width: 42 cm

Depth: 40 cm

Height: 24 cm

Weight: 35 kg